The best of Salesforce Summer '22 Release Features, Customer 360 Edition

Summer is back and so are we with another sneak peek into the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release! Salesforce has some SIZZLING new features and enhancements that will make many of your job tasks effortless. So, sit back, relax, and soak it all in like sun rays, because this is going to be another HOT one.

Salesforce Scheduler

Salesforce has made it easier than ever to share appointments with service employees. All you have to do is enable the Resource Appointment Sharing setting in Lightning. You can also give employees appropriate permissions to manage their own appointments, which means less configuration on your end.  

  • If you're like us, you may have gotten frustrated because the only way to view multiple attendees for an event in Lightning was to first create the event in Classic and add attendees there. Well, Salesforce has heard our cry and now Lightning has the Salesforce Multiple Attendee Event and Event Management settings which enables users to create and update events showing all attendees. Genius!

  • Service employees can now set recurring absences, such as daily or weekly, in their calendars. 
  • The schedule view can be changed to see shifts, holidays, and absences in a calendar format. Not only that, you can create, edit, or clone a shift and pick the time zones the shifts are shown in.

Health Cloud

There are more than ten updates being released to enhance Health Cloud this time around – all designed to empower care providers to support their patients more closely and help patients do more for themselves. While you should check them all out, here are a couple of our favorites:

  • Analyze Patients' Medication Patterns with Healthcare Analytics: Check out two new dashboards that will be available to help facilitate users’ ability to create highly effective healthcare plans and programs for their patients:
    • Medication Management dashboard: Users can gain insights into their patient’s medication adherence patterns, medication distribution details, and health conditions.
    • Medication Analysis embedded dashboard: Users can quickly compare the care plans and medications of patients with similar health conditions.

Promote Holistic Care of Patients with Timeline: Most of us can probably relate that filling out and/or trying to locate multiple forms to prepare for a medical appointment can be time consuming and stressful. Healthcare organizations using Health Cloud can now enable Timeline to have a single comprehensive source of truth for both patients and their practitioners. This interactive component will show key events from a patient’s medical and developmental history in chronological order.


  • Search Manager promotes saving time and efficiency, which is key to one of Salesforce’s core values: Customer Success. Just go to the Search Manager page in Setup and it will filter and narrow down your search to all objects and fields that are searchable for users. 

  • Going, Going, Gone! Salesforce hit another home run by enabling the Natural Language Search (NLS) feature in Lightning Salesforce Knowledge Articles. NLS uses Einstein Search to comb through your Salesforce Knowledge base and predicts how the data might be used during a search. Consider it your knowledge article “genie.” As you enter your criteria such as publication, status, creation date, or author in the search bar, NLS filters your requirements and presents a list of pertinent articles for you to review.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud will be adding several noteworthy enhancements to further support wealth management firms, bankers, financial advisors, and insurers – but let’s clear the air first. “Account” means something very different to a Salesforce administrator versus someone working in financial services. 

  • Accounts in Salesforce can represent a person or a business. 
  • For the rest of us, when we hear “Account” we typically think of a bank account, credit card account, investment account, etc. 

Anyway, keep that in mind as we walk through two new features we are pretty excited to start using:

  • Financial Accounts and Transactions: Having to switch between multiple screens to view different accounts can certainly cause delays in any advisor's ability to address clients’ questions. Recently added is the new FSCFinancialAccountsDetails component (a.k.a. Account Overview) to the Account (The Salesforce definition of account - aka the person or business you are working with) page layout.

Why we love it: Not only will this give you a fast, easy to read overview of all accounts you manage for a client, you can use this information to identify opportunities within your book of business. For example, an investment advisor and banker can work together to identify a list of people who have certificates of deposit (CD’s) about to reach maturity and proactively reach out to discuss ways to maximize the asset. 

  • Create Custom Relationship Graphs with Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)-  
    • If you’re already using the Actionable Relationship Center, you love how it provides a 360-degree view of your customer relationships. Now, you’ll be able to build your graphs with standard or custom objects and show relevant customer information to your users based on their profile.
    • You’ll also be able to customize graph node names, display fields, and object and record action buttons within them. Thus, your users will be able to easily view, edit, delete, and create new records concurrently while meeting with customers.
    • Last but not least, display your ARC relationship graphs on Experience Cloud pages so partner users can view and interact with client data in real time.

If you’d like to connect with us to learn how you can better leverage these enhancements, we’re happy to do so. References: