Top 3 Ways to Confront B2B Purchase Anxiety with Content


Too often, brands lose their customers because they don’t deliver on creating a memorable & seamless online experience. With the overwhelming competition, brands who don’t adapt and engage in their customers’ needs and wants could fall behind. Today, B2B organizations have started to examine their user journeys and decision making by serving up personalized content that leverages content for commerce to engage buyers.

According to recent studies from Acquia, here are 3 ways to tackle your B2B purchase anxiety:


1. Make content easy to understand

Make sure your content is relevant and easy for your customer to find. Customers don’t have patience to spend their time trying to navigate through a poor online experience, and there is nothing more frustrating than searching and not being able to find the information you need.

As a content author, you need to start by creating a content library. Once it is created, make sure your product and content descriptions are continuously up-to-date with the correct information.

Here are some other ways to keep you customers engaged & find what they’re searching for: create a resource center, an FAQ, or even add a chat feature that allows customers to live chat with a representative.

Once you’ve built up your content library, you can then start serving up personalized content technology to your users at the right time and in the right place.

As a result – your customers will know your brand cares.


2. Inform & delight customers with media & virtual reality

In this day in age, visual and engaging media is crucial. Images, videos, product demonstrations are important ways to separate your brand from competition and create a compelling experience. This brand engagement is being used more often because it’s easy to understand, efficient, and is a fun & visual way to get information rather than reading through long dialog of content (like this ?).

Mobile applications and integrations are also a huge selling point for brands to implement interaction & virtual reality because it opens up a new breadth of innovation in commerce.

As a result, you’re able to serve up your brand’s story in a more unique way.


3. Use guided selling for B2B marketing & commerce

B2B organizations have made the mistake to assume their customers know their brand and know what they want when they land on your website. This is not always the case, and they often get overwhelmed with the amount of information they must sort through and research with endless options available.

To overcome this angst, brands have begun to create guided experiences that allow customers to answer a series of questions that help narrow down targeted content based on the customers responses.

Overall, this helps brands understand their customer’s needs, goals and challenges. Which in turn, helps to solve for them. The different ways to improve your customers experience is infinite, you just have to know where to start.

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