Swift Publish Config

Do you want sitecore publishing to be swift? You have handsome amount of hundred thousand of items in your sitecore content tree and want them to publish as quickly as possible? I would share a config file that can help you achieve swift publishing.

This config file disables indexing and also uses Sitecore Parallel Publishing feature. You might want to trade off the indexes being buildup while publishing is going on. Later, once the publishing is finished you can kick off a re-build of full indexes.

The file is available here SwiftPublishConfig on GitHub. Yes it has been placed under a “zzz” folder so that these config changes are picked up lastly.

There are a bunch of config files provided by Sitecore related to optimize the publishing,

  • Publishing.Optimizations.config.example
  • Publishing.Parallel.config.disabled
  • Publishing.Recovery.config.example

Sitecore has placed a good amount of understandable information as comments in these config files so would not go in full details about them, but thought it would be good to bring these file to your attention if you are not aware about them. Also read here in more details about ENABLING PARALLEL PUBLISHING WITH SITECORE 7.2

Why SwiftPublishConfig File?

I could have used Sitecore.Publishing.Parallel.config.disabled by enabling it, but it didn’t had settings to disable indexing. Also once I am done with my publishing I would like my sitecore instance go back to it’s default configuration so this config file comes in handy and I can disable or delete it once done with publishing.

Helpful ideas for this post came from Sheetal Jain and this blog post Sitecore 7 – Disable indexing by Alan Coates