Sitecore User Group Recap on Sitecore Forms


 We were honored to present at the Sitecore User Group Minneapolis on June 6th to provide a preview to attendees on Sitecore Forms.Sitecore Forms are a built-in feature within Sitecore 9.0 that allows marketers to build and manage forms for lead generation, surveys and more. They are used for a range of information capturing purposes including white paper downloads, contact us forms, surveys, event RSVPs and questionnaires.Before we dove into our presentation, we conducted a questionnaire to learn more about the audience and their knowledge & experience on previous versions of Web Forms for Marketers and Sitecore Forms:85% of the audience had heard of Web Forms for Marketers and 72% had used it.The group expressed some positive interest and excitement for the tool using words like:

In the presentation & in a previous blog post, we covered these topics of interest below:

  • Things a business user needs to know
  • End user experience
  • Any “gotchas” when implementing Form from a development standpoint
  • Form templates
  • How they work
  • Ease of restyling
  • How much can I push to content team?
  • Limitations (capcha, file uploads)

Overall, the audience was very excited about what they saw. Many of the questions centered in on specific features including: File Uploads, and the ability to have dynamic forms and multiple email recipients. We found that no attendees currently have migrated to Sitecore 9 but the desire to was nearly unanimous.