Review: Deliver personalised marketing at scale by Deepak John, Salesforce


Is your data in different sales platforms and business siloes? Learn how to create marketing personalisation at scale in just 24 minutes.All marketers know that if you want to sell products or services to a high net worth individual, you need to offer them a personalised, exclusive and luxury experience. But a competent sales force to implement this level of service comes at a price. Or does it?“The hope and the promise of digital marketing is the fact that you can offer that same luxurious, personalised experience to everyone without needing to massively increase the overhead of people. That’s the promise of Salesforce Marketing Cloud,” says George Smith, Horizontal Regional Managing Director, MEIA.To find out more, watch this talks at the recent Salesforce Live: Middle East and Africa virtual conference: a presentation by Deepak John, B2C Marketing Specialist, Salesforce.Entitled “Deliver personalised marketing at scale”, John takes you through a high level view and quick demo of the four key Salesforce Marketing Cloud offerings, and shows you how to:

  • Create 1-1 customer journeys with Journey Builder
  • Unite data to drive engagement with Customer 360 Audiences
  • Scale personalisation across all channels with Interaction Studio; and
  • Optimise budget and boost ROI with Datorama

In a rapidly changing world, brands need to undergo digital transformation and adapt fast. “The role of marketer therefore becomes super relevant today in delivering engaging experiences, finding all of those new prospects and customers, testing, measuring and pivoting on brand stategies,” says John.But due to marketing budget cuts and legacy systems, “brands are struggling to offer a connected experience for customer touch points,” he says.In this informative, easily digestible session, John shows you how to use Salesforce to adapt quickly to the new normal by engaging customers with empathy, personalising digital communications and optimising budgets and programmes.“This talk is for every marketer who is uncertain about how to remove the bottlenecks of unifying business siloes and multiple sales platforms to create personalisation at scale,” says Smith.Register here to watch this presentation.