Programmatically Get Datasource Items of a Sitecore Item

If you need to get the datasource item's of a particular Sitecore item, we can write a few extension methods to help us out!

[code language="csharp"]public static class ItemExtensions{ public static RenderingReference[] GetRenderingReferences(this Item i) { if (i == null) { return new RenderingReference[0]; } return i.Visualization.GetRenderings(Sitecore.Context.Device, false); }

public static List<Item> GetDataSourceItems(this Item i) { List<Item> list = new List<Item>(); foreach (RenderingReference reference in i.GetRenderingReferences()) { Item dataSourceItem = reference.GetDataSourceItem(); if (dataSourceItem != null) { list.Add(dataSourceItem); } } return list; }

public static Item GetDataSourceItem(this RenderingReference reference) { if (reference != null) { return GetDataSourceItem(reference.Settings.DataSource, reference.Database); } return null; }

private static Item GetDataSourceItem(string id, Database db) { Guid itemId; return Guid.TryParse(id, out itemId) ? db.GetItem(new ID(itemId)) : db.GetItem(id); }}[/code]

From here, we can write some nice code like this:

[code language="csharp"] foreach (Item dataSourceItem in Sitecore.Context.Item.GetDataSourceItems()) { // do something }[/code]

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