How Salesforce Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud Personalization are revolutionizing sales and marketing


In the complex world of B2C sales and marketing, personalization has become of paramount importance in creating lasting customer connections. But how can brands truly harness the power of personalization to deliver seamless experiences? Let’s explore a real-world case study that unveils the transformative potential of Data Cloud and MC Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio) together in shaping personalized journeys for customers of health insurance exemplified through Richa, a customer’s, story.

Richa’s customer journey

Meet Richa, an esteemed policyholder of VitalCare Corp, a Health Insurance company. Having been a loyal customer with her corporate health insurance plan for years, she decided it was time to extend her coverage. Richa opted to explore personal health insurance plans to include her family members -- spouse, kids, and parents.

Excited about continuing her association with VitalCare, Richa visited their website, this time logging in with her phone number. However, the website failed to recognize her as an existing customer, leading to a sense of disconnect and inconvenience. But why?

Richa's experience on the website showcased the importance of seamless personalization that aligns perfectly with her preferences and needs. The inability to recognize her as a loyal customer resulted in a missed opportunity to provide tailored recommendations. It left Richa disappointed, wondering why her years of loyalty weren't acknowledged.

To add to the challenge, Richa began receiving emails promoting health care plans that didn't align with her current situation. This was due to the system's failure to recognize her as an existing customer and marked her as a new prospect, which resulted in irrelevant marketing messages. These emails not only missed the mark, but also risked alienating a valued customer.

Sound familiar? We all have been in Richa’s position in some form or another. But, how could Richa’s customer journey been better for both her and VitalCare?

Revolutionizing Richa's experience with MC Personalization and Data Cloud

Now, let's reimagine Richa's journey with the power of MC Personalization and Data Cloud.

As Richa interacted with various touchpoints (Web, email) of VitalCare's ecosystem, Data Cloud played a pivotal role in creating a unified profile that captured her entire history. Data Cloud acted as a central repository, aggregating all of her profile identities (email address phone number, and various other PII data) along with her interactions, preferences, and policy details from various sources. This comprehensive profile acted as the foundation for her personalized journey.

Behind the scenes, Data Cloud was the mastermind that crafted a holistic view of Richa. It harmoniously integrated Richa’s data from various sources such as her PII details, corporate and personal insurance plans, website interactions, and past service interactions. Now, there are no longer multiple scattered records for Richa. Instead, there is a single unified profile with all her information in one place.

This would not have been possible without Data Cloud’s capabilities such as:

  • Real time data integration: Various systems are able to feed Richa's information, such as PII data, cross channel interactions, past emails engagement, service interactions, in real time to Data Cloud allowing disparate data to seamlessly come together within Data Cloud.
  • Unified customer profile: By leveraging identity resolution rules, Data Cloud resolved Richa's identity across various sources, eliminating redundancy and unifying her scattered data into a single unified profile. The unified profile created by Data Cloud encapsulated all relevant details about Richa.

Next, enter MC Personalization, the orchestrator of Richa's personalized experience. With the rich unified profile from Data Cloud, MC Personalization dynamically tailored every touchpoint along Richa's journey. Let's explore how.

Creating a personalized digital experience

While Richa was browsing personal health insurance plans on the VitalCare website, MC Personalization utilized her unified profile obtained from Data Cloud, which includes all her PII information along with the interaction data and past history across various channels, to identify her as a valued existing customer. Now MC Personalization doesn’t have multiple records of Richa, but a single unified one.

Further, MC Personalizaion played a pivotal role in personalizing Richa's website experience through its advanced capabilities like:

  • Real-time user tracking and analysis: It enabled real-time tracking of Richa's website interactions, and captured her preferences and behavior as she navigated through the site.
  • Dynamic Content personalization: It tailored the website content in real-time based on Richa's behavior and profile, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.
  • Privacy controls: Its robust privacy controls, ensuring that Richa's data is handled responsibly, addressing privacy concerns and fostering trust in the personalized website experience.

Consequently, the website presented plans that seamlessly complemented her existing coverage, offering a unified experience that recognized her loyalty.

The combined power of Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud ensured that Richa received emails promoting health care plans tailored precisely to her family's needs. Her unified profile along with her loyalty and engagement history guided the content of these emails, resulting in highly relevant and engaging messages.

Richa’s transformed journey

Through the strategic collaboration of Data Cloud and MC Personalization, VitalCare orchestrated a remarkable transformation in Richa's customer journey. The unified profile ensured her interactions were seamless, relevant, and deeply personalized. Richa felt recognized, valued, and truly understood throughout her engagement with the brand.

In a world where personalization defines success, Data Cloud and MC Personalization stand as the dynamic duo that reshapes B2C sales and marketing landscapes. This collaboration empowers brands like VitalCare to break barriers, bridge gaps, and deliver connected, personalized journeys that leave a lasting impact on customers