Deliver Real-Time Personalization with Interaction Studio

Increase lead gen through personalized customer journeys

We believe connected experiences drive greater possibilities. And that personalization is the fuel behind creating exceptional experiences at every touchpoint of a customer journey.

But personalization on its own isn’t a solution.

It’s about leveraging personalization within a larger CX strategy that drives business outcomes. More specifically, it’s about connecting the dots along the journey of an unknown user through to an identified customer – and in the process, creating one cohesive conversation with your brand.

As an accredited Salesforce Interaction Studio partner, we enable our clients to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns that meet the needs of their customers in real time. This Marketing Cloud platform leverages machine learning to identify the next best action — in the moment — for each user based on contextual clues alongside their previous interactions with your business. It even lets you start personalizing content for anonymous users!

Let’s dig into Interaction Studio’s most powerful features and explore some ways you can use its real-time personalization engine to drive engagement and sales.

The next best action for your customers— every time

By syncing each online and offline experience, Interaction Studio makes it easy to track user behavior and meet their individual needs at each stage in the customer journey.

For instance, if a user is browsing phones on an electronics retailer’s website, Interaction Studio will recognize them upon their next visit and display a selection of the products they’ve previously viewed on the homepage. And if this user schedules an in-store visit to test out a few phones, Interaction Studio can use mobile app data and identifying beacons to tell the rep which exact models they’re interested in. The platform can also be set up to email the customer a personalized coupon for phone accessories a few days later.

In this scenario, Interaction Studio automatically determines the next best action for this individual user and serves up relevant, timely content that satisfies their needs and interests.

Promotions and offers customers can’t refuse

When it comes to gleaning actionable insights from customer behavior, Interaction Studio is the gold standard. From providing personalized product recommendations to emailing discounts to users who abandoned their cart, this platform deciphers the most persuasive offers and promotions for each customer based on their age, gender, location, industry and more.

Easily turn prospects into customers

Even if a user is anonymous, Interaction Studio still allows you to harness their journey data via cookies to identify their needs and preferences. It stitches together multiple browsing sessions — turning prospects into known customers.

From sales to service to marketing campaigns, Interaction Studio gives you a 360-degree view of your customers across every channel. In addition, you’ll be able to pinpoint areas where you can improve the customer experience by understanding how and when users explore brands, begin and end their journeys, switch channels and devices and become inactive.

Always have the right answer for your customer

In today’s world, many customers dread contacting support. And when they must dial customer service to resolve an issue, they don’t want to have to spell out their account details or tediously explain their needs.

But with Interaction Studio, you can save time for your customers as it shows you exactly what someone was looking at on your website the moment they called your customer service line. So, instead of generically asking, “Hi, how can I help you today?” your customer service rep can say, “I see you’re interested in purchasing an iPhone 13. Any questions I can answer?”

Maximize the power of Interaction Studio

When you leverage the power of Interaction Studio, you gain a deeper insight into customer interactions and deliver personalized customer experiences in real-time. At Horizontal Digital, we’re uniquely equipped to help you tap into this robust Marketing Cloud platform thanks to our Salesforce superiority across all clouds and our deep expertise in UX/UI best practices. 

Are you ready to drive more business with next best action marketing? Horizontal Digital can show you how.

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