4 Salesforce Marketing Features from Spring ‘22 You Don’t Want To Miss

Though the temps are still below zero here in Minneapolis, Spring ‘22 has arrived at Salesforce! Marketers rejoice, our release schedule has now merged with the larger Salesforce ecosystem of releases which makes life a whole lot easier! Spring ‘22 is rolling out now through February 18th, and we’ll have two more releases this year: Summer ‘22 (June 4-17) and Winter ‘23 (Oct 8-21).Salesforce has announced the following release highlights:

  • Datorama Reports: New Fields (Measurements and Dimensions)
  • Real-time Behavioral Engagement for Mobile Apps
  • App Exchange: Partner Apps
  • BU Aware Integration between CDP and Journey Builder
  • Datorama Enhancements for Ecommerce
  • New Einstein Innovations for Marketing Cloud
  • Opens Activity Audit

I’ve taken a deeper dive below into some of the Marketing Cloud and Pardot features I think our clients might be the most excited about, along with my own personal favorites.1) Datorama Reports (Marketing Cloud)Better understand where and how customers are engaging with your email using additional measurements and dimensions. Don’t worry if you’re not using the paid version of Datorama, these are available across the board. (Users with a Datorama Reports Advanced license can also use the new measurements and dimensions when customizing dashboards.)Yes, a lot of this information can be found in the “Sends” part of the tracking tab in Marketing Cloud, but the cool thing is that Datorama provides a much nicer display and report options that will help you identify opportunities and better evaluate your sending program in one place, without having to jump between single send and triggered send folders.Personally, I’m eager to create a report on send performance by device type to compare open and click totals.2) Automation Studio (Marketing Cloud)Use Einstein Send Time Optimization with Automation Studio - this is pretty straightforward and a tool you’ve been used to seeing in Journey builder. Now you can use Einstein Send Time Optimization for your bulk and batch send emails from Automation Studio.3) Slack Notifications (Pardot)There’s a Beta feature (cue the Safe Harbor disclosures) that you can activate in your Pardot settings to send Slack notifications to Pardot users using a new completion action option. Many of us spend our workday bouncing between Salesforce tools, Email, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams (the list goes on..) so getting real time alerts inside of slack could be a game changer! Learn how to set this up here.4) Extensibility Enhancements (Pardot)When it comes to Pardot automations, I’ve gotten a lot of requests from clients to supplement their programs with third-party data. For example, we want a prospect to have different experiences based on whether they attended a webinar they registered for. Admins can now set up a Marketing App Extension in automations or Engagement Studio programs to apply additional prospect data.You can find all release information including webinars, notes, and product videos here.And if you’d like to learn more about custom email intelligence, we may have just the solve for you. Check out our custom app, Epiphany